I created this website from start to finish yesterday.  Note to self: it CAN be EASY, it CAN be GREAT, and it doesn’t have to be PERFECT.
I wanted to wait to share this site until I finished my latest painting that I’m working on.  I wanted to wait and fix the coding so when you click on a piece of art, it shows the whole piece with nothing cut off.  I wanted to wait until there was more than one blog post kicking around the bottom.  I wanted to wait until I added share buttons, extra sidebar widgets, and descriptions to all the paintings.  I wanted to wait until it was…PERFECT.
Instead, once again (I’ve been practicing this), I shared it before it was perfect (on Facebook with a short “I just finished my new art website <3!” comment).
Well, I received likes and comments that made me smile.  I found out that my friend’s mom is an absolutely amazing painter (I had no idea).  I also found out that my friend from University went back to school for web and graphic design (so cool – again, I had no idea).  Overall, I showcased something that I love, art and making websites.  It got my creative juices flowing to think about what else I can create and guess what, all those little extras will happen with time but it feels like I got a head start with everything because I shared it with my community.
Thank you to everyone that checked out my new site.  🙂